‘Breath’ is a holistic scenographic visual metaphor which provides a mode of sensation and awakens a space of unconscious experience. Visitors experience a living projection like a game of rhythmic separation and reconnection of images, reflections that appear and disappear from sight, images which are first recognized, then lost, and then  recognized once more. Like a spun from a web of all sorts of emotional and psychological states and dream-like projections, unknown figures stand within their own illusions, acting as an unsettling precedent for self-figurative journeys, in which the thoughts, fears and hopes of each individual will be projected. At the end of this journey the world around us will hopefully be re-interpreted. 

‘Breath’ presents a 3d object (the costume) into a 2d video image. Using the mirror reflections of the video I create an environment where the present, past and future coexist simultaneously. Reality, as we consciously experience it, is not real. We exist in a dream, a projected illusion within the universe. Everything around us drives home the intimacy of perception, action and thought. The world consists of nothing but minds and ideas. Just as humanity changes over long historical periods, so does its mode of perception. As Plato puts it, ideas and forms exist somewhere independently, out of the visible world, and we are only able to know and perceive their reflections. Redefining the relations between the observer and the world, perception is not a vision but solely an inspection of the mind.

“Breath” was presented in the “Open studio Scenography” in The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London (UK, 2016).