Crack is an ongoing performing research project, exploring the boundaries between visual and performance art.

With experiments  on projections of static and moving images, interactions with bodies, sound and movement, and the use of different materials and projection surfaces in space, we are able to create combined realities on stage. The embodiment of images in real space and time may lead to the formation of another performance language, an anti-language, one that is able to communicate information beyond the barriers of language, race and culture.

We are exploring the possibility of a visually structured event to form a different experience of time and space. By embodying past images we seek to create new relations between past and present in order to step out of the comfort zones and the problems aroused by linear understanding. As a conceptual approach, we used projections of pictures of our own childhood combined with pictures of our experiences in political activism. Personal and collective relationships establish the social frames in which we work and live. By recalling memories of our past, we try to un-frame a structured viewpoint that has been imposed to us. As human beings, 90% of the words and concepts are reflected in our brain as an image. In this way, using memories as a conceptual topic, we aim to see them as the inner world of the person within the society. We can see through or under the skin of the performer. It’s like a surgical incision to their inside world, combining and overlapping frames of culture, space and time.

In collaboration with Laura Cuervo Restrepo and Stella Christodoulopoulou.

It was presented in The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London 2016.