Support the arts & date an artist

In 2018, I created a poster in which I wrote the slogan “Support the arts and date an artist”. I wore that poster and walked around the streets of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Athens.

The performance “Support the arts and date an artist” is an attempt to capture the social panorama of contemporary life in terms of how technology and dating apps have created a system that often make us ignorant of beautiful surroundings or of opportunities for face to face human connection. People don’t socialize on the streets so easily as they used to a few decades ago.

In an age increasingly dominated by screens, both large and small, there’s no better way to boost your chances in your quest for company, fun or love. The stigma toward dating apps is fading, and these apps are being quickly normalized as a means to meet and connect with other (single) people.

Adding to this, the performance raises the issue -with a playful, funny and sarcastic

manner – the modern financial struggle most artists deal with. It is said that great art is a mixture of skill and sweat. To sustain your output as an artist, you need ongoing funding, support and community engagement—all in addition to the significant effort involved in creating great work. The problem is that most of the artists are perhaps not profiting as much from the sales as they ought to be…