by Edward Bond

World Premiere, June 2016 Sutton UK.

“To be sane or not to be sane, that is the question – and if not, then be mad and all that follows.”

In his new play Edward Bond borrows from the Greek and Jacobean drama the fundamental classical problems of the family and war, to vividly picture our collapsing society. The war is raging, Dea, the heroine, has committed a terrible act and has been exiled for it. When she meets someone from her past she is forcefully confronted by the broken society that drove her to commit her crimes.

Creative team:

Directed by Edward Bond

Stage design: Maira Vazeou

Costume design: Lucia Conejero Rodilla

Lighting design: Ana Vilar

Stage design assistant: Alegia Papageorgiou


Edward Avison-Scott, Helen Bang, James Beedham, Christopher Birks, Abe Buckoke, David Clayton, Mike Cole, Ben Gilbert, Glenn Hanning, Alexander Huetson, Holly Joyce, Sam Kacher, Joshua Pascoe, Jolyon Price, Alex Ranahan.