Embodied Process – LSA Athens

“Embodied process” is a seminar/workshop that combines theory and movement with the use of different forms of objects/materials. It aims to explore interplays between the body, space and objects/materials. Through the experimentation and speculation of body movement and objects/materials, a possible story will be created. 

An everyday material/object of our choice such as a balloon, a piece of fabric, a piece of wood, some cotton, a candy etc., starts a dialogue with the human body which creates (new) space  within the existing space. 

The goal of this workshop is to get to know another part of scenography where the human body is in dialogue with the object/material. Moreover, we create new opportunities for experimentation. The outcome of this dialogue is the creation of (new) dramaturgical spaces revealed by the objects/materials that we use, and captured by body movement. 

In collaboration with performer Phoivos Papadopoulos, as part of the independent seminars 2019 of Laboratory of Scenography Athens (LSA Athens).