Hahnemann Vol.1

The projection mapping installation I created for the devised theatrical play Hahnemann Vol.1.

Coeval I C.I.C. Theatre Company presents at Bageion the devised play “Hahnemann Vol. 1,” inspired by Mike Bartlett’s “Doctor Foster.” It is the first theatrical play that tries to bridge the theatrical art and the science of homeopathy. 

“No one has felt more anger than a neglected woman.” Neli Valaoritou is a doctor. She has a dream marriage. Shortly, though, she will learn that her Aris is cheating on her. Her life will be filled with anger, revealing disorders, betrayals, and violence that were lying dormant in what seemed to be a “functional” marriage. Secrets and betrayal are the backbone of the story that is divided into three parts, while the plot is replayed three times, each with a different manner and objective. Each version of the story is enacted by different homeopathic idiosyncrasies.    

Creative team:

Text: Anna Danezi, Makis Katsoulis

Direction: Anna Danezi

Set design: Costantina Visviropoulou

Digital Artist: Alegia Papageorgiou

Assistant director: Ioannis Katagas

Production: COEVAL I C.I.C Theatre Company

Photographs by Thierry Watrinet

Sponsored by Stavros Niarchos Foundation


Loukia Batsi, Panos Iosifidis, Tasos Korkos, Pinelopi Flouri, Mary-Fofi Anestou, Vangelis Papadakis, Vicky Maidanoglou, Christiana Ladopoulou, Constantinos Siridakis, Anna Danezi, Dimitra Papourtzi.