Homer’s Iliad | Plague (epidemic) & Minis (rage)

theatrical translation of the first rhapsody of Homer’s Iliad.

Firkas Fortless, Venetian Port of Chania, Crete, July 2021.

The first rhapsody of Homer’s Iliad places us in the timeless world of the Iliad. The Alexandrian philologists identified the two main thematic axes of this rhapsody. The plague, the deadly disease that Apolla spread with his arrows, and minin, the anger of Achilles that led to his retirement from the war. These two themes are interrelated, one after the other and compose the central pillars of the artistic approach of the work.

Creative team:

Translation: George Psychountakis (“Homer Iliad”, University Publications of Crete)

Dramaturgy – Direction: Dimitris Liolios

Scenography – costume design: Alegia Papageorgiou

Movement direction: Yiannis Nikolaidis

Music composition: Yagos Hairetis

Lighting design: Dimitris Baltas


Vangelis Ambatzis, Eleni Koutaloni, Stavros Lilikakis, Giannis Charkoftakis, Anastasia Chatzara

Musician on stage: Yagos Hairetis

Artistic collaborator – assistant director: Panagiotis Kafousias

Draturgy consultant: Giannis Kokolakis

Graphic design: Konstantinos Argyriou

Production management: d.l.p.

Organisation – Production: Municipality of Chania / KEPEDICH-KAM / In co-organisation with the region of Crete with the support of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania