Materiality & the body

This seminar/workshop combines theory, movement and speech (logos) with the use of different forms of objects/materials. It aims to explore interplays between the body, space, and objects/materials. Through the experimentation and speculation of body movement, logos and objects/materials, dramaturgical space will be created. 

We start to speculate and experiment with an everyday material/object such as a vacuum cleaner, some white stones, sugar, an oil can, toasted bread, a teddy bear etc., until we create a new condition with this object and our body. Along the way, we add speech, a poem, an expression or just some random words, resulting in a pattern. We continue this action until the object combined with our body has completely lost its original status/image. 

With this action, we create (new) space within the existing space. 

The goal of this workshop is to get to know another part of scenography where the human body is in dialogue with the object/material. Moreover, we create new opportunities for experimentation. The outcome of this dialogue is the creation of (new) dramaturgical spaces revealed by the objects/materials that we use, and captured by body movement through space. 

In collaboration with performer Achilleas Chariskos, as part of the Scenography course at Praxi 7 Drama School.