Quai Ouest

by Bernard-Marie Koltes

A co- production of National Theatre of Greece with Comédie de Reims, France.

National Theatre of Greece, Nikos Kourkoulos stage, Athens 2014.

Comédie de Reims, Reims – France, 2014.

Two different worlds are forced violently together when a middle-class couple find

themselves in the hands of marginalised immigrants on the outskirts of a city. All attempts for communication seem futile, particularly since the lack of understanding arises not only from social difference but also from inner alienation.

Creative team:

Translation: Vasilis Papavasiliou

Direction: Ludovic Lagarde

Dramaturgy: Marion Stoufflet

Set design: Antoine Vasseur

Lighting design: Sébastien Michaud

Costume design: Εva Nathena

Video: Grigoris Rentis

Sound design: David Bichindaritz

Assistant director: Alexandros Vamvoukos

Assistant to the costume designer: Alegia Papageorgiou

Photographs by Patroklos Skafidas


Themis Bazaka,Yorgos Kotanidis, Nikos Chatzopoulos, Maria Nafpliotou , Dimitris Lalos, Michael Afolagian, Anastasia Konidi,Yiannis Niaros.