Repeat as you exist, exist as you repeat

In March 2018, I participated in an artists residency in De Fabriek (Eindhoven, NL). My piece “Repeat as you exist, exist as you repeat” is a “low-tech” digital installation influenced by the notion of repetition. The two main ideas are repetition and transformation of the image. I created a repetitive video pattern (inspired from the patterns been used in hypnosis) that plays continuously in loop on a monitor. In front of the monitor, I placed different sized glass jar bottles, half-filled. This causes a distortion/transformation of the pattern playing behind them. The audience, depending on viewpoint, experiences a different perspective of the image/monitor’s pattern. I use the idea of image distortion, vision and movement in an endless cycle of repetition.

“Repeat as you exist, exist as you repeat” was presented in De Fabriek, Eindhoven (NL, 2018)