Rosemary directed by Markos Papadokonstantakis is placed and filmed and presented via online streaming inside an apartment in downtown Athens, in March 2021.

The “mother” of all horror movies, “Rosemary Baby” (1968) – a landmark in horror cinema – that seems just as haunted and diabolic even nowadays, 53 years after its first screening.

Due to restrictions caused by the covid-19 pandemic, the director and its creative team initiated a new way of presenting a story in the performing arts. While many theatrical plays have been paused or canceled and others use live-streaming practices, this group of young theatre and cinema professionals is doing something unique. Rosemary in the way it is presented constitutes neither a theatrical play nor a cinema movie. It is a “theatre in a single shot” experience, designed and filmed inside an apartment, just like Polansky’s Rosemary apartment.

Creative team:

Text: Andre Papacosta

Director: Markos Papadokonstantakis

Assistant to the director & movement director: Ivonny Tzatha

Scenography and costumes: Alegia Papageorgiou

Sound design: Karolos Mpertaxas

Lighting design: Markos Papadokonstantakis & Alegia Papageorgiou

Camera & Video: George Athanasiou


John Dendrinos, Alex Diamantis, Katerina Maoutsou, Frangiski Moustaki, Kostas Nikouli, Efthalia Papacosta


Karolos Mpertaxas, Dimitris Prokos