Welcome, detective Poirot

The Hellenic Motor Museum, Athens 2013.

In his theatrical debut, Christos Ferentinos, as Hercules Poirot, has to solve, during a reception, a police mystery that has been open for 90 years. The plot has been inspired by Agatha Christie’s work.

Creative team:

Conception – direction: Froso Litra

Theatrical adaptation: Th. Petropoulos, F. Litra, Ch. Ferentinos

Editing of text: Ch. Bosinas

Set design: M. Pantelidakis

Costumes: M. Karapouliou, M. Pantelidakis

Music: DNA

Video: M. Xasapis

Lighting design: G. Telos

Assistant to the set designer: Alegia Papageorgiou


Socrates Alafouzos, Dimitris Georgalas, Giolanta Kalogeropoulou, Gogo Kartsana,

Caroline Carter, Michalis Konstantinides, Leda Mantsagou, Sophia Michail, Panagiotis Natsis, Philipos Papachristodoulou, Evelina Papoulia, Evangelia Syriopoulou, George Tsialos, Christos Ferentinos.